This is a list of some of the trips we have taken, along with a collection of photos from each.

Ireland /UK '07

Yea, I'm ready to go back.  We spent three weeks touring around, I could spend three months just doing Ireland.

  • Ireland
    • Dublin
  • Scotland
  • England
  • Wales

Caribbean Cruise '08

My first cruise, very nice.  Did a lot of walking on the islands and in Mexico.

New Orleans '09

A city I visited before, and very much wanted to come back to.  It was just as much fun the second (and hopefully not the last) time there.

Baltic Cruise '10

This was my second cruise.  Very different than the first.  It was a bit chillier, even though it was in June.  It was also a lot of different countries to visit in a relatively short amount of time.  Each one deserved much more time than we had.

Bermuda '12 

Third cruise.  It was quite short, we were in port for just over a day.  It was interesting to spend most of the time at sea, it's not a bad way to take a cruise, though I did miss seeing different countries each day.

Mediterranean '13

Our next cruise.  Regretfully I missed much of this one, I was not able to walk very much during it.

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